"BUSUAINN" French hostel Busua

Busua Inn and Ezile Bay are two different and complementary places , with the same spirit of hospitality (bilingual) and a common management in both places, only 25km between them.


Cooking at Ezile Bay and Busua Inn gets the best products of freshly caught seafood, delicious products from the local market as well as the invention and creativity of many influences, whether or Busua Inn Ezile bay, the kitchen is mixed.


Busua Inn is a small seaside guesthouse in a fishing village with 4 bedrooms,  French restaurant and terrace in the village of Busua.


What to do, what to see in Busua? Hiking, surfing (mostly beginners), enjoy water sports facilities in the village visiting forts of Dixcove and Butre and more ...


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